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Pinquist Tool & Die is proud to offer metal building products to meet your needs.

With over 75 years in the metal stamping and fabrication industry, you can count on Pinquist Tool & Die to produce the finest quality parts. We manufacture several metal building products including custom parts manufactured to your specifications. Our specialties include: Joist Hangers & Joist Blocks, Floor Anchors, Bridging, Terra Cotta Hangers, T-Anchors, Scissor Clips, TDF/TDC Corners and Child Proof Window Guards (approved by the NYC Dept. of Health & Mental Hygiene).

Please contact us with any questions or to discuss any custom or specialized parts you need manufactured.

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T Anchor


Part Length Packaging
BP-TA-16 16" 400 per drum
BP-TA-24 24" 400 per drum
BP-TA-48 48" 50 per skid

T Anchors

T Anchors are used to anchor joist into brick or other masonry walls where joists are wall bearing.

Material: 3/16" thick x 1 1/4" W

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Part Length Packaging
BP-Bridg 16 16" 200 per box
BP-Bridg 27 27" 50 per box


Bridging is used to reinforce wood joints and has mounting holes on each end.

Material: 3/4" W Light gauge steel

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Hook Ups and Hook Downs

Specifications (Hook Ups)

Part Material Packaged
HOOKU 3/16" thick x 1-1/4" W 400 per drum

Specifications (Hook Downs)

Part Material Packaged
HOOKD 3/16" thick x 1-1/4" W 400 per drum

Hook Ups & Hook Downs

Hook Ups are used to anchor wood joist to steel beams where joist rest on top of steel.

Hook Downs are used for securing wood joists to steel beams where joistends bear on lower flanges or on shelf angles.

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